Layering is one of the best ways to complete any look, so taking advantage of the colder weather to up your style-game with on-trend jackets is a no-brainer. In this style tip post, we show three jacket trends you need in your closet this season. Each of these are easy to layer over almost any outfit and will add an instant oomph to your everyday look.

There are many things we love about fall - the crisp air, the colors of the changing leaves, fun festivities and most importantly, the fashion. With unpredictable weather changing drastically from morning to afternoon, layering is crucial. It is easy to overthink fall layering so we are breaking it down with four easy steps to layer like a pro.

Have you ever agonized over what to pack for vacation, staring aimlessly into your closet, and then arrived at your destination only to realize nothing you packed matched or fit the occasion? We are here to help you take the torture out of traveling with a list of our top 7 travel essentials that can easily be mixed & matched to give you several different looks.

Date night. The two words every woman looks forward to regardless if you are a full-time mom, high-powered executive or a free spirit who enjoys the simple things in life. While the date itself normally isn’t stressful, finding something to wear can be. To prevent frustrating closet-digging and unnecessary perspiration, we've styled three outfits that are sure to please you and your main squeeze.

We all have our unique style challenges which is why it's great to have a personal stylist who knows how to select clothing that will accentuate your best assets. Pro Stylist, Meghan shows you her tips on how to style a petite frame. Note: No petite cuts were used in the styling of these outfits. Pretty cool, huh?

Hot pink can be a tricky shade to pull of in a grown-up wardrobe. There's always the risk that too much of this vibrant color might traverse into Malibu Barbie territory, but that doesn't mean you need to banish hot pink from your closet for good. Because with these three genius tips, you'll be able to sport this punchy color like a pro.

The pattern that can do no wrong, stripes are a welcome addition to any wardrobe. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, interlaced, breton, pinstripe, candy stripe—the types and treatment of the stripes is seemingly endless, and so are the outfit possibilities for them. Of course, many women tend to steer clear of this linear pattern, worried it will widen their frame. However, when styled properly, stripes can be a striking and slimming style you'll want to wear on repeat.

I love spending hours getting ready in the morning... say very few people. Struggling to pick out an outfit when you've got ample time on your hands can be exhausting. And trying to put a polished look together when you're in a pinch? Impossible. Worrying about what to wear is never ideal. But trust us, there's a better way to look great, feel great and not sacrifice your time in the process.

With the start of each new year, we focus on a laundry list of resolutions designed to improve our lives, our choices and ourselves. The season for New Year's resolutions signifies a fresh start, and an opportunity to do better. But before we can focus on what exactly needs fine tuning in our lives, let's pause and take a minute to celebrate something that deserves praise: ourselves!

Ugly holiday sweaters are to the holiday season as marshmallows are to hot peppermint cooca: One's just not complete without the other. (Overstatement? We think not.) Of course, these delightfully tacky knits often get a bad wrap for, well, being so tacky. Obviously, there's a time and place to wear your "bah-hum-pug" sweater or Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer top. But who's to say you can't turn your ugly holiday sweater into a woah-worthy ensemble? We asked our stylists for their best tips on how to turn those comically hideous holiday sweater into a fashion forward ensemble, and their suggestions are genius.

Tie-neck tops are a classic example of a fashion trend that's way easier seen than styled. Translation: You see plenty of women wearing tie-neck blouses to the office, around town, on your Pinterest page and everywhere in between, but when you go to tie one yourself, it just falls a little flat. Had a tie top flop in the past? Don't swear them off for good just yet—we went straight to one of our seasoned personal stylists, Katrina, to learn five super simple ways to style your tie-neck blouse. So sit back, scroll down, and take notes!

There are jackets, then there's this guy: the moto jacket. A classic cult favorite, the moto (short for motorcycle) jacket has a long standing reputation as the "It" girl's outerwear du choix. First designed for the one and only Harley Davidson in the '20s and later revolutionized by Hollywood's rebel-cool crowd of the '50s (think Marlon Brando and crew), the moto jacket of today is a distinctly feminized, well-tailored garment that adds just enough edge to push any outfit from bleh to brilliant.

No matter your shape or size, the muffin top can be an issue for any woman. The truth is, anyone can fall victim to this dreaded hip-hitting issue as it’s got very little to do with your body, and everything to do with how clothes fit your body. So instead of shelling out serious cash for a personal trainer or moving into the gym, check out these insider stylist tips and tricks designed to make everyone look (and feel) their best.