The Elements of a Stylish Outfit

What makes one outfit basic and boring and another elevated and stylish? We are revealing the simple and effortless ingredients to head-turning outfits.

Invest in a Signature Piece

Pick up any copy of People Magazine and you’ll see celebrities sporting their favorite piece in every outfit. Whatever it is for you, make the investment in quality so that it has the stamina to last multiple wears and across multiple seasons. The more you wear it, the more creative and daring you’ll become. Take this AMAZING Nicole Miller blazer for example. Imagine wearing it over a simple and conservative dress to work; layered over a sexy ensemble for a cocktail party; now push up the sleeves and throw it over your gray t-shirt and ripped jeans when you’re headed to a movie.

Choose the Right Hue

If you love a particular color or are drawn to bold prints, do it in one piece and then pair it with neutrals. Sometimes too much of a bold color or a print can be overwhelming, but when done right, it can be chic and show-stopping. If the piece happens to be a dress in a bold color or print, select neutral accessories like an earth-tone beaded necklace, nude pumps, and bag. Additionally, having a white, gray or blush-tone blazer in your closet is always a good idea.

Go Monochromatic

A monochromatic pairing immediately screams style. Starting with a base layer of the same color adds interest and creates a sleek and stylish look. If all-white makes you shudder, the same effect can be accomplished with black jeans and a simple black tank. Or for something a little bolder, pair your favorite blue denim with a chambray top.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Did we say, “accessorize”? Adding accessories immediately takes the most basic outfit to a wow-worthy ensemble. Throw on flip-flops and a crossbody bag for daytime errand running or grab wedges and a clutch and now you’re ready for a night out.

Uplevel Your Basics

We all know the importance of a great pair of basic skinny jeans and a crisp white button down. Now, go one step further and opt for pieces with a fashionable flair. These blue denim camo skinny jeans can easily be swapped out for your basic blue jeans with everything from a t-shirt to an elevated blouse. Speaking of, while a basic white button up would look incredibly chic, we’ve selected a crisp white off-shoulder top that is right on trend. Let’s not forget about the accessories – you can even uplevel your simple hoops!

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