We don’t know who needs to hear this, but, yes, you can wear white after Labor Day. White blazers are a wardrobe staple and with so many winter-white denim trends, why are we still asking if it’s okay to wear the hue after Labor Day? Whether you opt for winter white, cream, or crisp nautical white, there’s no reason to pack away your whites once fall arrives.


In the early 1900s, not wearing white after Labor Day was a firm rule among the wealthy who regarded it as a symbol of refinement. This “rule” was started according to the vacationing schedule of the elite, when white was considered only proper for summer vacation attire. The rule was less about what was worn and more about who was wearing the clothing.

Does the Rule Still Apply?

Thankfully, this fashion rule has become outdated. It is safe to say that white can be worn at any time of the year. Today, we’ve pulled together 4 fashionable looks to showcase how to style white post-Labor Day and transition them into early fall. Take a look!

1. Warm Neutrals

Accent your whites with warm rich fall hues such as tobacco browns and camels. Animal prints are also fantastic layered with white and add another fun dimension to an otherwise very neutral palette. Neutrals and deep hues (e.g., black, navy, rust, even mustard yellow) work really well and balance out the summer-y look that white jeans can often bring to an outfit.

Imagine a wardrobe where every piece plays nice with the others, where the days of staring into your closet and lamenting, "I have nothing to wear," are just a distant memory. Capsule wardrobes are the unsung heroes of fashion sanity. They're about building a collection that effortlessly adapts to your lifestyle. Whether it's a Monday meeting or a spontaneous weekend adventure, your capsule wardrobe is ready for action. 

And here's a tip for the Fall 2023 Capsule Wardrobe: incorporate an accent color, such as a timeless olive. Adding an accent color to your capsule wardrobe is like the secret sauce that ties everything together. It brings a touch of personality, breaks the monotony, and allows for creative expression within the confines of a curated collection.

The Fall 2023 Capsule Wardrobe—where versatility reigns, and saying goodbye to the "nothing to wear" saga has never felt so good!