It is December and holiday parties are in full swing! Finding something to wear to a festive event that doesn't gather dust the rest of the year can be a challenge. We are up for the challenge at Front Door Fashion because we have beautiful pieces that will work for the holidays and in the months following. Today's blog will highlight items that provide you the sparkle needed for December parties and then serve as very functional pieces in your wardrobe thereafter. Scroll down to see our take on pieces that serve double duty, from holiday to everyday!

At Front Door Fashion we don’t sell footwear but we absolutely know the importance it plays in the look of every outfit we style.  FDF Stylists include shoe suggestions in their written notes about each outfit.  They utilize what we call a “seasonal shoe card” that features photos of on-trend footwear.  This gives our clients a sense of what kind of shoe will complete the look of the outfit we’ve sent her. For a company that doesn’t sell shoes, we spend a lot of time thinking about what styles of shoes will work best with clothing items when buying our seasonal inventory.

Thanksgiving is next week! We are looking forward to family, friends, food and fun! Now's the time, if you haven't done so already, to start your Turkey Day outfit planning. Whether you’re hosting a super-casual Friendsgiving and want to make a statement or you’re looking for something cute and cozy to wear at your family gathering, the perfect Thanksgiving look always blends comfort and style. Because we all love an extra slice of pumpkin pie! We enlisted the help of our FDF Stylists to create a style guide of their favorite looks for Thanksgiving. Scroll on to feast your eyes on Thanksgiving outfit suggestions.

At Front Door Fashion we recognize that every customer has her own preferences when it comes to style, fit, design and fabrication. Some of our customers choose to wear only the four natural fabrics (cotton, linen [from the flax plant], wool, and silk) while others are more than fine with synthetics like rayon, modal, spandex, and nylon. When it comes to leather and suede we have faux and real options for our customers who choose one or the other, or both. The quality of faux leather has improved vastly in the last several years to the point that it is difficult sometimes to distinguish faux from real. Faux leather used to have a negative stigma until Stella McCartney popularized the term "vegan leather." Whether you share Stella's viewpoint as more of a conscious connoisseur, or you appreciate and prefer the quality of ethically sourced leather, we've got options for everyone. Scroll on to see two Los Angeles-based brands, My Tribe and ASTARS. Both offer gorgeous faux and real leather clothing that we are using to create one-of-a- kind outfits for our one-of-a-kind customers.

For this month's feature of Created by Women for Women we are pleased to introduce your to two fabulous Texas-based jewelry brands. Both Catherine Page and Sarah Briggs are woman-owned jewelry companies. Each designer offers handcrafted pieces that celebrate their unique creative prospective. Scroll on to read about the women behind the jewelry!

Catherine Page

Catherine Page says that while she grew up in a small town with little artistic encouragement she is and always has been "filled to the brim with creative energy."  She hopes that her jewelry reflects "the shimmer of truth of who you are" and causes "your inner and outer self to match." Catherine, who earned her Masters in Medieval Art History, says that her love of history and art is "the wellspring from which the jewelry gets its depth and soul." We fell in love with Catherine Page pieces that featured charms made from original lead Chanel hardware recast and repurposed in white bronze with a 22K gold overlay. Catherine, true to her love of using vintage materials, purchased these Chanel pieces in New York when the iconic fashion house retired them. Now it is new again in luxurious jewelry that is steeped in tradition and fresh at the same time. Catherine Page uses gold, bronze, silver and various gemstones in her jewelry construction to create a truly unique collection that we are proud to carry at Front Door Fashion.

It is sweater weather in most of the country (even Dallas!). We love to style all kinds of sweaters from slim turtlenecks to chunky dusters and everything in between, but nothing feels as soft and luxurious as cashmere. It is definitely an investment, but one we believe in because of the quality. If you want to learn more about cashmere and why it is as soft as it is and the factors that drive the cost, read more below! 

The object of cultish adoration, Ecru has been universally hailed as makers of the world's best fitting pants by retailers and consumers nationwide. Every season, Ecru studies the performance of their products with relentless attention to clients' feedback and then they start again in pursuit of perfection. Their main goal when creating each collection is to allow the stylish and discerning women who wear Ecru to move effortlessly from the office to dinner, to the weekend, to a party, to vacation.  Scroll on to learn more about why  you need these pants in your wardrobe and how to style them! [video width="600" height="600" mp4="https://www.frontdoorfashion.com:443/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Facebook_Video_Springfield.mp4"][/video]

In the South especially, dressing up for game day is a time-honored tradition.  Gone are the days of the oversized jersey! Look your best with a winning game day style.  From a classic denim jacket to a spirited flirty dress, these must-haves let you show your school spirit!  We are located in Dallas (and our CEO Nina Lowe is a UT Austin graduate!) so we've used the upcoming Texas-OU weekend as our example for spirited style, but rest assured that your FDF Stylist can take your school or professional team's colors and create a winning look!

A Family Affair

At Front Door Fashion we have an affinity for brands that create beautiful accessories to complete the outfits we style for our customers.  Three Bishops, a recent jewelry brand discovery for FDF, is owned by three sisters living in Texas and we are delighted to introduce you to them. Melody Bishop, Jennifer Bishop Blumenstock, and Natalie Bishop Martin founded their business in 2007 under their maiden name.  For the buying team at Front Door Fashion, finding Three Bishops was a love-at-first-sight kind of thing. As we researched and learned more, we became even bigger fans. Three Bishops weaves together beauty and meaning in every piece to showcase the individual characteristics of the stone. The three Bishop sisters believe, and we agree, that handcrafted jewelry made with genuine gemstones and metals is a true luxury. Read more below about some of the specific pieces we selected to offer our FDF clients.

As fall quickly approaches the FDF Stylists find inspiration in the fall runways. From fall florals to menswear inspired looks and patchwork embroidery, there are plenty of fall trends to incorporate into your wardrobe. To help you stay au courant we've selected three of our favorite trends of the moment for you to try this month! Ask your FDF Stylist to suggest how these trends can work best for you and read on for our looks of the moment.

Denim is all-American and always in style. With fall on the horizon we naturally turn to thoughts of jeans. Before you throw on those old faithfuls, our FDF Stylists (who are always here to give you the little push you need) have selected a few pairs of denim that are a cut above your average blue jeans! Scroll down to see some of our favorite denim for fall and how to make it the star style of your early fall wardrobe.

With less than a month until Fall equinox we are already thinking about bundling up into layers of gorgeous cashmere that are already arriving at Front Door Fashion!  Fall, for us fashion folk, is the most wonderful time of the year! It's the time for experimenting with layers and breaking out your favorite leather jacket. While we fashionistas are excited to dive into fall we reluctantly recognize that temperatures are still well into the 80s and 90s until October in some parts of the country (especially here in Texas). So, how do you dress for that awkward transitional season when shorts and sundresses no longer cut it but autumn temperatures haven't quite arrived? Don’t get ahead of yourself and pack away your summer-weight items just yet because you can still use them mixed in with layers. The key to dressing for transitional weather is to pair the summer pieces you already have with a few freshly classic fall items like a lightweight blouse, an oversized sweater, a statement jacket and a classic button up. To help you stay ahead of the curve, we've selected several early fall outfits along with styling tips so you'll be ready when temperatures drop. After all, it's better to be prepared with a few fall items ready in your closet than to be scrambling at the last minute! The time to starting buying key fall items is now!

Athleisure by definition is casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear. When a trend is as cute as it is comfy, we just want to wear it all the time. That's why for the first time in Front Door Fashion history we've curated an Athleisure blog. Athleisure our way is a combination of comfy leggings, jersey skirts, and casual jackets that can easily transition into your everyday wardrobe and are perfect for quick errand runs. Scroll on to see what we've pulled this week for FDF's take on the Athleisure trend!

There's nothing quite like a summer spent by the water. And packing can be stressful! It's the last thing you need to think about before summer vacation! To keep your head above water when it comes to packing, we've gathered a few looks to put your mind at ease so you can float on to your destination. We think the easiest, breeziest  travel essential for summer by the sea is a light weight dress or two (or three!). Dresses are super easy to pack and take up very little space in your suitcase. They provide you with instant style and minimal effort. Below are our favorite summer dresses to make you feel sophisticated and carefree while on your next vacation.

When temperatures rise above 90 degrees, it can be easy to day dream about living in your summer shorts and kicking back by the pool all day. But for most of us, duty calls and we must press on to the office. The key is looking polished and professional with a nod to ease of summer. We've gathered several outfits and tips from our FDF Stylists to help guide you through the work week heat.