Pro Stylist Tip: 3 Ways to Mix Prints

Looking for high-impact style? Shake up your typical looks by mixing prints! Whether you’re looking to break out of your go-to solids, or ready to try something new with your spring florals, we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling for some A+ mixed-print outfits and style tips to try.

1. Reach for the classics

Start with classic, simple prints. Lean into the simple prints because they will go well with almost everything. Think stripes, polka-dots, and gingham. Then, add a bolder print. For example, try a classic stripe with a more exciting floral pattern. The striped jacket acts as a base, and the floral blouse adds some bold individualization to the look.

2. Play with print proportion

A second mixing technique is to choose prints of different sizes! One of the easiest ways to mix prints is to use prints with opposing scales. The lesson here: the prints should complement one another – not compete with one another. You want one print to be visually dominant. This micro gingham print works with a large-format geometric blouse for a fresh look.

3. Utilize the same tonal range

Option three when mixing prints is to keep prints in the same tonal range. This is the simplest and easiest way to ensure commonality between two prints. You’ll be surprised at how many pieces from your closet that you can mix and match using this approach! STYLE TIP: utilize an accessory like a scarf to tackle this print mixing technique.

We hope these style tips help you feel like a total pro when it comes to mixing prints. Mixing prints using items from your current wardrobe can help bring a new life to some of your favorite pieces! What’s even more fun? Having your Front Door Fashion stylist help or just do the work for you!

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