Congrats, you landed the interview of your dream job! Whether it’s in-person or via zoom, there are a few things to keep in mind to put your best foot forward. Most important? Show up on time, prepare your elevator pitch, and exude confidence- that’s where we come in! Our stylist, Chelsea D., is sharing 3 looks to help inspire your next interview outfit. Whether you're seeking a job in a creative environment or crunching numbers, she’s got you covered. Keep scrolling for interview outfit ideas that will impress your potential new boss!

As a stylist, I have come to understand that it really is all in the details. There are a few tips and tricks which can instantly elevate your everyday outfits. A basic tee and jeans, for example, can easily transform into an effortlessly chic look with a few simple styling touches that have major impact! If you've resolved to improve your personal style in the new year, keep scrolling for 4 easy ways to look stylish in 2021.

Ah, the new year - the time we make resolutions that may be difficult to keep, but we have good intentions when making them, right? While eating clean and going to the gym might be more difficult resolutions for some of us to keep, we've got a resolution for you that is easy...particularly with your Front Door Fashion stylist's help.

Today, Kate's sharing her recommendations for six closet staples worth investing in to maximize your style in 2021.

Investing in Closet Staples

When stay-at-home orders began, our wardrobes went from restrictive and dressy to loungewear overnight. T-shirts likely became one of your go-to wardrobe staples. With lockdowns beginning to lift, it’s time to find new ways to re-style the pieces we relied so heavily on. Figuring out how to wear your tees while staying stylish and without looking careless and "undone" can often feel tricky. The last thing you want to do is look like you just got out of bed. Below, we're sharing 3 outfit ideas to help you tackle the stay-at-home essential so you can remain comfortable and stylish at the same time.

How to Wear Tees and Still Be Stylish

How to wear your quarantine tees and still look stylish

Kick back & relax in your printed tee and a cropped chino. Throw a denim jacket over your shoulders for an added layer and dimension. To make the outfit a bit more unique, try adding statement jewelry like a chic bracelet set.

If you’re like me (and many of the clients I've styled recently), you’ve probably enjoyed your fair share of baked goods these past few months. There has been no shame in perfecting my banana bread game. If you can relate and have noticed a few extra pounds recently, you're not alone! With the extra stress of the pandemic, gyms being closed, and restaurants emphasizing take out orders, the Quarantine 15 has become the norm for many of us. Staying stylish with the extra pounds can be challenging, and I'm here to help! It's important to feel comfortable in what you wear every day. There are definitely ways to highlight your curves in a flattering way, as opposed to hiding them altogether. Here are my tips on how to dress the Quarantine 15:

How to Dress the Quarantine 15

Step aside winter, it's beginning to look a lot like spring. It's time to store away the herringbones and plaids, and make room for this season's biggest pattern trend: polka dots.

While the timeless motif is nothing new, the graphic dot received a chic upgrade for spring. The polka dot made a strong showing at New York Fashion Week in a wide array of high-fashion interpretations. This season, we're seeing spots come in fresh color palettes, modern silhouettes, and bold graphic prints for a totally modern feel.

Since this spotty trend won't be slowing down anytime soon, we asked our stylists to share how they would take this spring trend from runway to everyday.

For most, January is a month to reset and refocus. Here at Front Door Fashion, we think the same can and should be applied to your closet. A wardrobe cleanse is great opportunity to remove unnecessary clutter and make way for key, versatile pieces. Trends will come and go, but quality essentials can truly last a lifetime. Today, our stylist Shera S., is going over some of the essential basics you’ll need for your new year closet refresh. With these items, you'll never have to worry about "not having anything to wear."

Shera S. with Front Door Fashion explains why she hand selected each of these wardrobe essentials.

With less than a month until Fall equinox we are already thinking about bundling up into layers of gorgeous cashmere that are already arriving at Front Door Fashion!  Fall, for us fashion folk, is the most wonderful time of the year! It's the time for experimenting with layers and breaking out your favorite leather jacket. While we fashionistas are excited to dive into fall we reluctantly recognize that temperatures are still well into the 80s and 90s until October in some parts of the country (especially here in Texas). So, how do you dress for that awkward transitional season when shorts and sundresses no longer cut it but autumn temperatures haven't quite arrived? Don’t get ahead of yourself and pack away your summer-weight items just yet because you can still use them mixed in with layers. The key to dressing for transitional weather is to pair the summer pieces you already have with a few freshly classic fall items like a lightweight blouse, an oversized sweater, a statement jacket and a classic button up. To help you stay ahead of the curve, we've selected several early fall outfits along with styling tips so you'll be ready when temperatures drop. After all, it's better to be prepared with a few fall items ready in your closet than to be scrambling at the last minute! The time to starting buying key fall items is now!

When temperatures rise above 90 degrees, it can be easy to day dream about living in your summer shorts and kicking back by the pool all day. But for most of us, duty calls and we must press on to the office. The key is looking polished and professional with a nod to ease of summer. We've gathered several outfits and tips from our FDF Stylists to help guide you through the work week heat.

The 4th of July is around the corner and the temperatures are rising! To inspire your summer wardrobe and keep you looking cool despite the heat, we've gathered a few images from fashion bloggers via Pinterest and recreated their magic using Front Door Fashion brands. The key to all of these looks is light layers. Layers can work in the summer if they are airy and breathable. We recommend cotton, linen or anything sheer. Scroll on to see our Pinterest blogger outfits come to life!

Even the cutest swimsuits deserve an equally cute cover-up! Whether on vacation or by a pool, cover-ups are a summer wardrobe essential.  Keep it minimal in your suitcase this summer, and save yourself the chore of shlepping an overweight bag, by letting your beach cover-ups do double duty.  Imagine them for more than just the sand. And, we promise, this post isn't about how to use your scarf as a sarong (even though that's an option!). Here are 3 Front Door Fashion Stylist-approved ways to take your cover-ups from the street to the beach.

What makes your mom one-of-a-kind? Did she rock bell bottoms back in the day and tackle every trend since? Was she your constant cheerleader at each after-school activity? Did she exude confidence and grace in the workplace while inspiring you to do the same? Did she take the extra time to do the little things that matter most? This Mother's Day your mom deserves to look her very best. She put up with you after all! We've gathered several outfit ideas and added style tips to inspire a gift for you or your mom.

The sun is shining, the skies clear, the temperature perfect and the weekend is yours! Who wants to spend time debating what to wear to look casual yet pulled together on a day like today? Take the frustration out of spring dressing with this simple guide and you'll be well on your way to a bright and shiny closet that makes you smile this spring. It's as easy as one, two, three!

There are myths that say you have to be a certain size or shape to wear white denim or that it should be worn only before Labor Day, but that's absolutely not true! White denim should be the workhorse of your spring and summer wardrobe. (And it's worth mentioning here that we believe in it as a year-round staple since the winter-white denim look is great in colder months.)  While it can be daunting and intimidating, choosing the right pair for your shape and the occasion is the secret to mastering this fashion staple. We've provided three examples to help you style the right pair for different occasions.

Spring is here, and it's the same old story: you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. Spring cleaning is calling your name and will pester you until that dress you "just might wear one day" has been donated. It's time for a proper closet cleanse! How do you tackle such an overwhelming task? Per usual, Front Door Fashion style experts are here to help. A closet cleanse, while tedious, is a necessary chore for peace of mind and essential for building a wardrobe you'll actually wear. Like the great Marie Kondo says, "The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past." We believe the same is true for your clothes. With these three steps and a little help from your FDF Stylist, you'll be well on your way to a closet that works for you.

With the New Year finally settling in, work routines are back in full swing. It's easy to stick with the familiar when it comes to work attire, but our Front Door Fashion stylists are all about taking you to the next level. This means dressing for the job you want, not the one you have. This concept can be especially tricky to navigate in 2018 with a predominant individuality-embracing culture. We can all relate to the frustration of the phrase "work appropriate." The key is finding clothes that feel good, flatter, and fit into your office culture. Master your go-to look for the office, and step it up when asking for a promotion.  Jennifer Baumgartner, PsyD, author of You Are What You Wear says"If you want a promotion, dress as if you already have it. What would a person with one wear?"  Dress for success with a selection of outfits handpicked by your stylist, and you'll be sitting pretty in the corner office in no time!

Throwing on your Lulu's and running out the door, while an easy and impetuous choice, is SO 2017. Here at FDF we are all for Athleisure, but not for Ath-lazy! What we wear sends a message to the world. And while we get the ease and comfort of all-day yoga attire, we want to encourage you to take your everyday style a notch above the rest in 2018. Elevate your everyday wardrobe with a selection of super comfortable AND chic  outfits, handpicked by your stylist and you'll be hoping to see people you know at the grocery store and during your errand runs!