5 Investment Pieces You Need in Your Closet Immediately—Our Stylist Explains!

When it comes to your clothing, there’s a lengthy list of vocabulary to memorize: wardrobe staples, LBDs, jeggings, basics, etc. Chiefly among them is the elusive term “investment pieces.” But what exactly is an investment piece? And how do you know when you need one?

Allow us to clear it up for you: Investment pieces are those golden-ticket items that you’ll wear again and again, and that serve as building blocks for your entire wardrobe. To understand exactly which investment pieces to focus on right now, we went straight to our seasoned fashion stylist Eric O.

Investment Pieces l Front Door Fashion

1. Leather jackets 

“I love that this navy leather moto jacket embodies a modern take on a classic look,” Eric explains. “For cooler weather, this proves a tried-and-true option. Not to mention it’s effortlessly stylish. Leather jackets like this may seem steep at first glance, but when you consider the years of return on this investment, you’ll be glad you went for it.”

2. Classic, sculpting tank tops

“This one-size-fits-all number lends its flexibility to a variety of looks,” Eric says. “Plus, this tank incorporates a similar shade to the Pantone color of the year in an accessible way. It’s also easy to layer under button-downs, dresses or under your favorite leather jacket.”

Investment Pieces l Front Door Fashion

3. Long, white button-ups

“Roll your sleeves up and get down to business in this classic staple piece. This button-down layers well over the green tank and under the leather moto jacket (above),” Eric says. “When you’re having trouble choosing a casual look to run out the door, this top is sure to have your back and cover it, too. Belt it by itself, tuck it in, or layer it over items like leggings, skinny jeans or pencil trousers; the possibilities here are endless.”

4. Statement denim

“These banker-striped skinnies are right on trend and offer a great contrast to any look,” Eric explains of these versatile (not to mention slimming) bottoms. “I love these cuffed with a pair of stilettos, patent loafers or a pair of lace up heeled booties.”

5. Cinching waist belts

“This kind of belt has a great amount of versatility and mileage,” Eric says. “Experiment with it over dresses, blazers or long cardigans to create a slimming effect. I also love how it looks over the long white button-down shirt above. Whether you’re trying to make a statement or not, this belt is sure to get the job done!”

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