Fail-proof Fall Layering

There are many things we love about fall – the crisp air, the colors of the changing leaves, fun festivities and most importantly, the fashion. With unpredictable weather changing drastically from morning to afternoon, layering is crucial. It is easy to overthink fall layering so we are breaking it down with four easy steps to layer like a pro.

Step 1
Start with a basic: Long or short sleeve shirt

Think of this step as the base. Start with something that isn’t too bulky or doesn’t wrinkle easily. A simple white cotton long or short sleeve top will work perfectly.

Step 2
Add a button up shirt: Print, solid or chambray

When adding the second layer, keep in mind that the hem and collar may peek through so choose a fun texture or print to make the outfit more interesting.

Step 3
Add a sweater: Keep it lightweight

This step is the most important. When choosing the third layer, the more lightweight, the better. Select a cardigan, pullover sweater or vest and pop out the collar and let the hemline from the previous layer peek through. If the second layer is long sleeve, roll the second layer sleeves up over the cuff.

Finish with outerwear: Complete the look with a jacket

Finish off the look with a denim, bomber, trench, anorak, or wool coat. This last layer makes the entire outfit pop and also adds an extra layer of warmth.

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