how to style a petite frame

How to Style a Petite Frame

Professional life-changing tips to successfully dress a petite frame.

We all have our unique style challenges which is why it’s great to have a personal stylist who knows how to select clothing that will accentuate your best assets. Pro Stylist, Meghan shows you her tips on how to style a petite frame. Note: No petite cuts were used in the styling of these outfits. Pretty cool, huh?

1. Select cuts that draw your eye down.

The point on the hemline of this blazer serves to elongate Meghan’s petite frame by drawing your eye all the way down, creating an illusion of length. Also adding length is the carefully selected dark wash denim with a higher rise, and let’s not forget the nude pointy toe pumps. Each piece individually helps to do the trick, but add these purposeful pieces all together and we have a winning body lengthening combination.

front door fashion stylist meghan uses tapered cuts to lengthen her petite frame

2. Streamline your petite silhouette with monochrome.

Not only is the monochromatic look super chic and always in style, for petite ladies, it serves to make the frame look a mile long. While this trick of the trade works great with the classic black, it also works with any monochromatic combination. To save a trip to the tailor, select a cigarette pant or ankle length that has a shorter inseam.

front door fashion stylist meghan selected a monochromatic black suit to streamline her petite frame

3. Master the art of the front tuck.

For petite women, shirts hardly ever hit at just the right spot and the material can be overwhelming and bulky, which is why the front tuck is life-changing. To master this technique, pinch the front of the top at the hemline and tuck it just behind the button of the pant. Not only does this create the perfect fit for your shirt, it also creates shape and definition.

front door fashion stylist shows how to front tuck to lengthen her petite frame

To order a box or book a Style Appointment at our Dallas studio with our expert stylist, Meghan, click here and request her when you place your order.

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