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5 Classic Ways to Style Tie-Neck Tops

Finally learn how to tie a tie-neck blouse

Tie-neck tops are a classic example of a fashion trend that’s way easier seen than styled. Translation: You see plenty of women wearing tie-neck blouses to the office, around town, on your Pinterest page and everywhere in between, but when you go to tie one yourself, it just falls a little flat.

Had a tie top flop in the past? Don’t swear them off for good just yet—we went straight to one of our seasoned personal stylists, Katrina, to learn five super simple ways to style your tie-neck blouse. So sit back, scroll down, and take notes!

1.The Exaggerated Bow (above)

Perfect for an office-chic effect, a dressed-up lunch or any ultra-polished look, the exaggerated bow (otherwise known as the pussybow) is an allusion straight from the ’70s fashion. Volume is key here, and to give the bow a bit more drama, tie it slightly off-center.

2.The High-Neck Tie fdf-tie-top-2

There’s no need to overcomplicate this chic tie. Just make a loose overhand knot right at the neck, and allow the ends to drape elegantly along the center of the blouse. For a trendier version, wrap the ties around your neck before knotting once and letting the ends drape. This will make for a choker-esque neckline that’s very modish these days.

tie3.The Draped Knot

Keeping the ends nice voluminous, make a large bowline knot right at sternum (or around that area). Again, let the ends of the tie drape loose to show off the fabric and really created a relaxed-yet-refined look.

4. The Incognito TieTie-neck tops

Guess what? You don’t have to play up the tie-element of this top every time you wear it. Sometimes you’ve got a killer necklace to show off (or you’re looking to play up your décolletage ), and the tie just gets in the way. Our solution? Gently overhand tie the ends once behind your neck to shorten the ends (this way they won’t peek out of the back of your shirt), and tuck it in to your shirt so it’s hidden. It’s easy, it’s simple, and it’s another way to wear this top!

tie-neck tops5. Let It All Hang Loose 

Give your tie-neck tops a break, and let the ends hang down like an open scarf. This is a flirty, even sassy way to liven up a tie top, and can easily help it transition an outfit from the cubicle to cocktails. Each of these tie-neck top styles is about simple sophistication, and this one is no exception.

Like these tie-neck top looks? Ask your stylist to recreate them for you when you request a box today!

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