Spend Less Time Worrying About What to Wear

Spend Less Time Worrying About What to Wear—Our Stylists Reveal How!

I love spending hours getting ready in the morning… say very few people. Struggling to pick out an outfit when you’ve got ample time on your hands can be exhausting. And trying to put a polished look together when you’re in a pinch? Impossible. Worrying about what to wear is never ideal. But trust us, there’s a better way to look great, feel great and not sacrifice your time in the process.

“Having a busy travel schedule leaves little time for shopping [or putting together looks], so I am very thankful that Brittany send me outfits that are comfortable yet stylish leaving me feeling great,” Lauren L., a Front Door Fashion customer, said of her stylist Brittany A.

“I never knew what my style was until I worked with Brittany.”

Whether you’re a busy professional or a mom with a full plate, the reality is the same: there are just better things to do than fighting shopping crowds on busy weekends or struggling to put an outfit together. Spending time with family, going out with friends or just giving yourself a few extra stress-free moments in the morning are all better uses of your time. And by involving a stylist in the process, it doesn’t take any of the the fun away from feeling beautiful in a polished outfit; it just eliminates the stress.

“By not having to stress about what she is going to wear or worry about fighting all the mall traffic, Lauren gets more time with her family and friends as well as enjoying her favorite activities such as hiking and photography,” Brittany said.

For Brittany, her role as a stylist is so much more than putting outfits together for women (which of course, she loves). It’s about solving a problem for women, eliminating the hassle of worrying about what to wear and bringing the joy back to putting on an outfit and feeling beautiful in it.

“I’m so glad I can take the stress of shopping off of Lauren and my other customers, which in turn allows them to do things they really enjoys in their free time,” Brittany explained. “Having a healthy life balance is so important and I love that through Front Door Fashion, I can help women accomplish just that.”

“Putting a smile on my clients faces and relieving their stress is one of the many reasons why I love my job.”

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