how to tie a blanket scarf

Wrap It Up! Here’s Exactly How to Tie a Blanket Scarf

Sure, everybody loves the blanket scarf. And why wouldn’t they? Blanket scarves are just so cozy, and any piece of clothing that can look chic and double as a full-sized blanket is an automatic wardrobe win (especially if you work in an office with subzero temperatures, brrr).

But, there’s a problem. Unlike their slender counterparts, blanket scarves have a good deal of volume in comparison to the regularly sized versions. Translation: You can’t wrap it around your neck a few times and call it a day without being totally over bundled and flat out uncomfortable.

So instead of struggling with your blanket scarf in front of the mirror for hours (and still not figuring it out), we went straight to our stylist, Morgan, to learn exactly how to tie it once and for all. “This must-have fall accessory will keep your warm and cozy all season long,” she says. “You can even wear it as a cape with a cute dress or skinny jeans!”

(Note: This works best with blanket scarves, like this Michael Stars option.)


  1. Shake the scarf out and hold it by two corners outstretched in front of you, so you can see the full shape.
  2. “Fold the square into a triangle and hold the long ends,” Morgan explains, mentioning that this is the crucial step that will set you blanket scarf tie up for success.
  3. Pull the scarf towards your chest and hold your arms up, then, “Wrap it around your neck, bib style,” Morgan says. Make sure to cross the ends of the scarf behind your neck before you pull it around to the front to secure the scarf’s position and make sure it doesn’t slide off.
  4. With the ends of the scarf now in front of you, pull and adjust until the scarf sits in a comfortable position on your front, “tucking the ends underneath the pointy front,” Morgan explains. Feel free to pull it as tight or loose as you want; it’s up to you!
  5. Tuck in the ends of the scarf beneath the front to hide from sight. “Adjust the scarf to be as fluffy or flat as you like, and you’re instantly more stylish,” Morgan says. Then, voilà!

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