3 Easy Ways to Banish the Muffin Top for Good

No matter your shape or size, the muffin top can be an issue for any woman. The truth is, anyone can fall victim to this dreaded hip-hitting issue as it’s got very little to do with your body, and everything to do with how clothes fit your body. So instead of shelling out serious cash for a personal trainer or moving into the gym, check out these insider stylist tips and tricks designed to make everyone look (and feel) their best.


1.Pick Your Pants Wisely

Not all pants are created equal, so not all cuts and fits are going to showcase your hips the same way. That means saying sayonara to those low-riding jeans and trousers, and instead picking out a pair with mid to high-rise waistline. Aim for pants that fit two inches below to right at your belly button to create a slimming shape. Remember to stick to this range, though: any higher and you risk entering frumpy territory, and any lower you might be accused of trying to fit into your teenage jeans.

Now this may seem like a no-brainer, but be warned: Pick pants with a stretchy, forgiving fabric. There’s nothing worse than a pair of bottoms with zero budge, and not only will they not do your figure any favors, they’ll also be dreadfully uncomfortable.

How to Hide a Muffin Top

2. Let Blazers Be Your New Best Friend

Once you’ve selected a pair of pants that help your hips, you can traverse into blazer territory. The best thing about a well-cut blazer? They’re tailored to slim the midsection, and can create a waist-cinching, hip-slimming illusion that doesn’t require any sucking-in or too-tight shape wear (although, the right shape wear can do wonders without constricting your oxygen flow). For best results, look for a blazer (or jacket) that has a subtle notch, meaning it creates a slight hourglass shape when unbuttoned.

How to Hide a Muffin Top

3. Top It Off Just Right

You probably guessed it: the type of top you pick is crucial here. The art of fashion styling is all about proportions, so when trying to slim down the hips or midsection you’ll need to be cautious of picking tops that throw off that balance. While, yes, tops that drape down past your waistline will obviously disguise any problem areas, try taking it a step further by selecting an asymmetrical top. These tops will naturally draw the eye down to create a slimming effect. For other options with similar effects, try A-line hems, peplums and empire-waisted tops. Should you have a top that you’d like to tuck in, try out the front tuck to showcase and slim the hips simultaneously.

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