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Seven Travel Essentials to Pack for Any Trip

7 Travel Essentials to Pack for Any Trip

Have you ever agonized over what to pack for vacation, staring aimlessly into your closet, and then arrived at your destination only to realize nothing you packed matched or fit the occasion? We are here to help you take the torture out of traveling with a list of our top 7 travel essentials that can easily be mixed & matched to give you several different looks.

Things to consider when packing are activities, weather, location and whether it is a business or fun-filled trip. Regardless of the occasion, it is important to pack smart and appropriately [insert Front Door Fashion]. Before we get to the essentials, here are some important things to keep in mind when making your selections:

  • The ability to mix and match.
  • Selecting a color scheme.
  • Packing the right basics.

The Seven Travel Essentials

1. Chambray top

This versatile item can be used as a light layer, paired over a casual dress or white tee. It can be tied around the waist or worn buttoned up and tucked into a pair of black or white jeans with a scarf and belt.

2. Printed Scarf

A scarf, like jewelry, is one of the easiest things to mix and match and it instantly elevates a basic look.

3. Basic Tee

The right tee is key. For an effortless look, it can be worn alone with jeans or layered under a cardigan or your chambray top.

7 travel essentials white tee and cardigan

4. Jeans

A great pair of jeans is must! Choose a pair with a nice dark or medium wash that can be worn multiple times and with a range of shoe options.

5. Easy Dress

Select a simple and basic dress that can that be worn for multiple occasions and easily dressed up or down by pairing it with the right mix of essentials and accessories.

7 travel essentials easy dress

6. Cardigan

A cozy cardigan is a must for chilly plane rides and unexpected temperatures either indoors or out. Select one that can easily be dressed up or down.

7. Neutral Necklace

Accessories are one of the easiest ways to switch up a look.  Pack a few neutral pieces of jewelry that will allow you to elevate or downplay your outfit.

Now Boarding

Now that we know what to pack, let’s discuss your travel outfit. While comfort is important, you don’t need to throw style out the window. What you wear to the airport is the first outfit you will be seen in at your final destination, so looking presentable and stylish is a must. We recommend a pair of cute and comfortable joggers styled with your basic tee and layered with a versatile jacket so you have an extra layering option that you don’t have to pack.  Happy Travels!

7 travel essentials what to wear to the airport

Before your next trip, request a box of travel-ready looks from one of our expert stylists. Get started right here.

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