Three Must-Have Jackets this Season

We give you three must-have jackets on trend this season.

Layering is one of the best ways to complete any look, so taking advantage of the colder weather to up your style-game with on-trend jackets is a no-brainer. In this style tip post, we show three jacket trends you need in your closet this season. Each of these are easy to layer over almost any outfit and will add an instant oomph to your everyday look.

Three Fall Jackets you need this season:

The Velvet Blazer

Repeat after us, “Velvet. I can wear velvet.” That’s right! Switch out the everyday office blazer for a velvet blazer. Kaboom. This velvet blazer works as a neutral in your wardrobe, but adds instant color making it, well, genius. Velvet is an “it” trend this holiday season and transitions from day to night easily. By the way, blazers aren’t just for those of us working in an office; blazers are known to be one of the most flattering jackets because well…they just look good on everyone! Throw one on with a pair of jeans and casual shoes for a comfy but elevated casual look.

Must Have Jackets Velvet Blazer Must Have Jackets Velvet Blazer

The Geometric Wrap

If this wrap jacket doesn’t make you want to drink hot chocolate by the fireplace and listen to your favorite holiday tunes then we don’t know what would. Enjoy simple style? Then keeping geometric prints the focal point is key. Adding a plain tee and solid colored jeans or leggings keep the look easy. Want to take more risks with your style? Add funky shoes and accessories!

Must Have Jackets Geometric Wrap CardiganMust Have Jackets Cardi Wrap

The Suede Moto Jacket

A moto jacket is an example of street style’s impact in fashion. While the norm is for a fashion trend to trickle down from designers, the moto jacket actually did the reverse and started as a functional wardrobe piece. A few years ago you would think of this style for the bikers out there, but now it is one of our fashion trend staples. Embrace this oh so popular trend with no motorcycle required.

Must Have Jackets Suede Moto Must Have Jackets Suede Moto  All three of these jackets can be mixed and matched to give you endless milage out of each piece so be sure to request them in your next box or Style Appointment here.

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