1 Piece, 3 Ways: The Moto Jacket

Learn how to style the season's coolest jacket into three easy outfits

There are jackets, then there’s this guy: the moto jacket. A classic cult favorite, the moto (short for motorcycle) jacket has a long standing reputation as the “It” girl’s outerwear du choix. First designed for the one and only Harley Davidson in the ’20s and later revolutionized by Hollywood’s rebel-cool crowd of the ’50s (think Marlon Brando and crew), the moto jacket of today is a distinctly feminized, well-tailored garment that adds just enough edge to push any outfit from bleh to brilliant.

Need further proof? Just scroll through your Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook/social media of preference, and you’ll see bloggers by the dozen rocking this fall fashion staple.

Of course, seeing an outfit on Pinterest and creating it on your own are two very (read: extremely) different things. Which is exactly why we decided to take on the challenge of styling this gorgeous black moto jacket into three distinct looks for your most common dress codes: work attire, casual-cool and night out. Because really: what’s the point of investing in a gorgeous jacket if you don’t know how to wear it with multiple looks? Investment pieces are all about versatility, and the moto jacket is by no means exception.

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Mixing Moto Jackets & Business Professional  outfit-1

Please, pah-lease don’t fall down the “business clothes means blazers and pantsuits only” rabbit hole here. Work attire no longer means whipping out your mom’s old, frumpy skirt-set, and this look is the perfect testament to that. Here, our stylists paired this black moto jacket with a sleek, textured peplum top, belting the number to accentuate the waist and adding a statement necklace to bring in a pinch more personality. A merlot-colored, leather skirt is just the thing to spice up your plain-jane pencil skirt collection, and to top it all off of course, the black moto jacket draped over the shoulders creates a truly polished and professional look, something along the lines of a Victoria Beckham-approved look.
Moto Jacket OutfitMixing Moto Jackets & Casual Looks

Sure this look seems simple enough to assemble, until you try to recreate it yourself while out struggling shopping at the mall. So just sit back, relax, and take a look at what our stylists did with all the pieces here. Opting for white skinny jeans as a base, this look utilizes a trendy plaid top and a chic camel-colored cross-body for a fun-yet-functional feel. The trick to this outfit, however, is how the moto jacket is used. Instead of just slipping it over the plaid shirt and calling it quits, our stylists pushed up the sleeves of the jacket and rolled the sleeves of the shirt to better showcase the paid. To polish it off, they popped the plaid top’s collar over the jacket to display the tailoring, and did a tied tuck at to complete the style. (Hint, hint: if you like this outfit/hate the mall, skip the shopping altogether and just have your stylist send it to you).

Mixing Moto Jackets & Night OutCasual Look

This is the time to really let the jacket do all the work; moto jackets were pretty much invented for nights out, after all! To let the jacket shine as the hero piece here, our stylists paired it with form-fitting pair black skinny jeans and a black-and-white bouclé peplum top. Stacked silver bracelets and a statement ring complete this sophisticated outfit, and make it the perfect choice for any occasion from dinner and a movie to a girl’s night.

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