No matter your shape or size, the muffin top can be an issue for any woman. The truth is, anyone can fall victim to this dreaded hip-hitting issue as it’s got very little to do with your body, and everything to do with how clothes fit your body. So instead of shelling out serious cash for a personal trainer or moving into the gym, check out these insider stylist tips and tricks designed to make everyone look (and feel) their best.

Now that we’re past the Fourth of July marker, we’ve got two long months of Summer sweltering (not to mention sweaty) heat to deal with before the Labor Day bashes come to the rescue. In the meantime, sure, there’s plenty to do with your friends to escape the 90-plus degree temperatures—kicking back by the pool, heading out for some much needed retail therapy, or even just logging some quality time with your Netflix account and a bottle (or two) of sangria.

Sure, you're used to telling your stylist all about yourself. But how much do you actually know about her? We're guessing not much! Take the time to get to know a few of our stylists, and find out all their fun style quirks, they're funky first jobs and which one scored an extra role in Legally Blonde. Here are just a few fun facts about some of our FDF stylists. 

Style Tips For A New Mom  First, a couple of confessions. 1) I have never written a blog post, and I'm definitely out of my comfort zone. 2) As a founder of Front Door Fashion, I am not a stylist. Just like you, I am "the customer." Andrea and I started this business because we needed a service like this for ourselves.

Cara is a Dallas banker with a sweet spot for designer goods. She's always on the go, working long hours, traveling and being a super-mom to her two young children. The banker's been a longtime fan of FDS's box styling service, but recently decided it was time to come in for her first in-person style session with her fashion stylist, Morgan.

Lauren is a 30-something Brand Marketing Manager living in San Francisco and happened to learn about our service in American Way magazine. As a busy professional on the go, Lauren is looking for her stylist, Erika, to help her create outfits appropriate for a business casual environment that transition nicely to after-work cocktails. She also wants to look chic and stylish for cocktail parties.