There are myths that say you have to be a certain size or shape to wear white denim or that it should be worn only before Labor Day, but that's absolutely not true! White denim should be the workhorse of your spring and summer wardrobe. (And it's worth mentioning here that we believe in it as a year-round staple since the winter-white denim look is great in colder months.)  While it can be daunting and intimidating, choosing the right pair for your shape and the occasion is the secret to mastering this fashion staple. We've provided three examples to help you style the right pair for different occasions.

Spring is here, and it's the same old story: you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. Spring cleaning is calling your name and will pester you until that dress you "just might wear one day" has been donated. It's time for a proper closet cleanse! How do you tackle such an overwhelming task? Per usual, Front Door Fashion style experts are here to help. A closet cleanse, while tedious, is a necessary chore for peace of mind and essential for building a wardrobe you'll actually wear. Like the great Marie Kondo says, "The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past." We believe the same is true for your clothes. With these three steps and a little help from your FDF Stylist, you'll be well on your way to a closet that works for you.

Our styling service adores our clients and we keep them at the forefront of every aspect of our business. From stylists we hire to clothing we purchase each season, our goal is to provide a highly personalized experience. Our buyers recently attended the Dallas Apparel Market to preview the latest collections from top designers. Attending market creates an excitement as we select new styles to introduce into our clients' closets! Here we share details of how we make buying decisions to dress you for every occasion with the goal of helping you to look and feel your very best.

With the New Year finally settling in, work routines are back in full swing. It's easy to stick with the familiar when it comes to work attire, but our Front Door Fashion stylists are all about taking you to the next level. This means dressing for the job you want, not the one you have. This concept can be especially tricky to navigate in 2018 with a predominant individuality-embracing culture. We can all relate to the frustration of the phrase "work appropriate." The key is finding clothes that feel good, flatter, and fit into your office culture. Master your go-to look for the office, and step it up when asking for a promotion.  Jennifer Baumgartner, PsyD, author of You Are What You Wear says"If you want a promotion, dress as if you already have it. What would a person with one wear?"  Dress for success with a selection of outfits handpicked by your stylist, and you'll be sitting pretty in the corner office in no time!

Throwing on your Lulu's and running out the door, while an easy and impetuous choice, is SO 2017. Here at FDF we are all for Athleisure, but not for Ath-lazy! What we wear sends a message to the world. And while we get the ease and comfort of all-day yoga attire, we want to encourage you to take your everyday style a notch above the rest in 2018. Elevate your everyday wardrobe with a selection of super comfortable AND chic  outfits, handpicked by your stylist and you'll be hoping to see people you know at the grocery store and during your errand runs!

Resolving to travel more falls under the category of FUN when it comes to New Year's Resolutions.  Make 2018 the year to check a few dream locations off your bucket list! Here at Front Door Fashion, our resolution is to get you wherever your are going in style. For this edition of New Year New You, we've provided you with a selection of the best places to travel in 2018 according to Travel + Leisure, along with outfits for each location. Spend less time shopping and more time experiencing with these travel-friendly outfits to make your trip even more memorable. From beaches to European backstreets, FDF has you covered with looks for every destination!

With each new year comes hopes for the future and resolutions to make the dream a reality. Most resolutions focus on prosperity, health, and happiness, but at Front Door Fashion we think your personal style and the image you project as a result deserve equal billing. Each week through the month of  January we will be posting a New Year New You fashion resolution to help you up your style game in 2018. Addressing current trends is a must for anyone who wants to look modern and fresh...and who doesn't? Repeat after me: "In 2018, fashion trends will not intimidate me." We believe that the best way to approach trends is by remembering one word: wearability. That avant-garde piece from the runway is WAY too much for the office, but when viewed as an inspiration it can guide your own personal 9 to 5 style in the new year! We've gathered several looks below that nod to the trends and can take your wardrobe from drab to fab in 2018.

We want 2018 to be your best year yet, and what better way to welcome 2018 than with the perfect New Year's Eve Outfit? Ring in the New Year in style whether you are going out on the town, attending a black tie party or having dinner with with friends and family. The holiday season gives all of us permission to shine with a little more glamour than usual, even for a casual gathering. No matter what your plans are, these outfits are sure to keep you looking polished and pretty.

how to dress like meghan markle It has been less than two weeks since Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle, and we couldn't be more excited! With the royal engagement on our minds, today's post is all about how to achieve Meghan's modern princess style. We've broken down Meghan's top looks and added fashion tips so your wardrobe is one step closer to emulating the soon-to-be-duchess.

Holiday Party Like a Pro When choosing a Holiday party outfit, questions arise and some doubt sets in. What color should I wear?  Are pants appropriate? Is the outfit dressy enough? This is stressful for most of us. Top it off with the hustle and bustle of the season, and  your outfit can often get lost in translation. [Gasp!] To keep you merry and bright throughout the holidays, we've rounded up our top three style tips that are sure to have you Dressed to Impress all season long!

Layering is one of the best ways to complete any look, so taking advantage of the colder weather to up your style-game with on-trend jackets is a no-brainer. In this style tip post, we show three jacket trends you need in your closet this season. Each of these are easy to layer over almost any outfit and will add an instant oomph to your everyday look.

Dressing for Thanksgiving can be a tough one. You want to be comfy with the option to eat dessert and seconds without sacrificing style.  How do you dress to hide the extra food in your belly while staying stylish? We've put together three Thanksgiving outfit ideas to help. Whether your holiday plans consist of spending time with family and friends, watching football, or sitting around the table for hours and splurging on an extra helping of pumpkin pie, these outfits are sure to be to practical and fashionable.

There are many things we love about fall - the crisp air, the colors of the changing leaves, fun festivities and most importantly, the fashion. With unpredictable weather changing drastically from morning to afternoon, layering is crucial. It is easy to overthink fall layering so we are breaking it down with four easy steps to layer like a pro.

Have you ever agonized over what to pack for vacation, staring aimlessly into your closet, and then arrived at your destination only to realize nothing you packed matched or fit the occasion? We are here to help you take the torture out of traveling with a list of our top 7 travel essentials that can easily be mixed & matched to give you several different looks.

Date night. The two words every woman looks forward to regardless if you are a full-time mom, high-powered executive or a free spirit who enjoys the simple things in life. While the date itself normally isn’t stressful, finding something to wear can be. To prevent frustrating closet-digging and unnecessary perspiration, we've styled three outfits that are sure to please you and your main squeeze.