A Styling Service that Loves Buying for our Clients

How our styling service is tailored for you.

Our styling service adores our clients and we keep them at the forefront of every aspect of our business. From stylists we hire to clothing we purchase each season, our goal is to provide a highly personalized experience. Our buyers recently attended the Dallas Apparel Market to preview the latest collections from top designers. Attending market creates an excitement as we select new styles to introduce into our clients’ closets! Here we share details of how we make buying decisions to dress you for every occasion with the goal of helping you to look and feel your very best.

Our styling service loves our clients.

While selecting new styles to carry, we consider every facet of your lifestyle. We love to make dressing easier by offering clothing that is perfect for every adventure. Your calendar may be filled with errands, school events, and executive meetings with travel plans for work or fun. As your go-to style source, it’s our responsibility to seek out the best brands offering the highest quality clothing for the price.  We search for a mix of foundational wardrobe essentials, classic investment pieces, and statement fashion pieces inspired by the latest trends.

The Powerhouse Professional 

For the professional client who is always on the go, we seek out sophisticated brands, fits, and fabrics that will serve your style needs at every career stage. Whether you’re new to the workforce, already in a corner office and in need of polished power suits, or you simply need a business casual update, we select pieces that will help build your professional image.

Powerful Professional

The Multi-Tasking Mom and Successful Solopreneur

For the on-the-go mom or the female entrepreneur building her empire from home, wearability is a must. We’re always on the lookout for easy, wash and wear essentials that are functional and stylish without the fuss. Durable denim, flattering blouses, and chic layering pieces are essential while tackling your to-do list in style. Finding tees and leggings with just a flare of detail can make the difference in feeling boring to feeling on-trend. One of our most popular requests is to look chic yet comfortable, without looking like you’re about to hit the gym. Sound familiar? (If you answered “yes,” you should request a box.)

Multi-Tasking Mom and Successful Solopreneur

The Well-Traveled Woman

We also pay particular attention to the needs of our jet-setters! We search for comfortable clothing that will help you pack with ease and arrive in style. Our travel must-haves include versatile basics that can be worn in a variety of ways. Travel-friendly fabrics that are comfortable and durable with fast recovery (which means no wrinkles after sitting on an airplane or being folded in the suitcase) make up some of our best selling pieces each season. Plan your next vacation with confidence and leave the styling to our styling service! Just tell us your destination, and consider your suitcase packed.


Overall, our styling service dresses so many women with so many different lifestyles. Our goal is for every box to be as personal as possible. Additionally, each stylist takes as much detail as you have provided them into account with each box they style. We fully believe looking good helps with feeling good, and we want you to look and feel your best everyday!

Are you ready to take your wardrobe to the next level with looks that are thoughtfully curated for your lifestyle? Click here to experience our styling service.

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