Front Door Fashion is excited to announce we will now be carrying the coveted Gal Meets Glam Collection! The Charleston based brand is a line of modern, feminine dresses designed by blogger Julia Engel. Julia Engel started her fashion blog, Gal Meets Glam, out of her college dorm room in 2011. What she didn't know was that it would catapult her career.

At Front Door Fashion we don’t sell footwear but we absolutely know the importance it plays in the look of every outfit we style.  FDF Stylists include shoe suggestions in their written notes about each outfit.  They utilize what we call a “seasonal shoe card” that features photos of on-trend footwear.  This gives our clients a sense of what kind of shoe will complete the look of the outfit we’ve sent her. For a company that doesn’t sell shoes, we spend a lot of time thinking about what styles of shoes will work best with clothing items when buying our seasonal inventory.

For this month's feature of Created by Women for Women we are pleased to introduce your to two fabulous Texas-based jewelry brands. Both Catherine Page and Sarah Briggs are woman-owned jewelry companies. Each designer offers handcrafted pieces that celebrate their unique creative prospective. Scroll on to read about the women behind the jewelry!

Catherine Page

Catherine Page says that while she grew up in a small town with little artistic encouragement she is and always has been "filled to the brim with creative energy."  She hopes that her jewelry reflects "the shimmer of truth of who you are" and causes "your inner and outer self to match." Catherine, who earned her Masters in Medieval Art History, says that her love of history and art is "the wellspring from which the jewelry gets its depth and soul." We fell in love with Catherine Page pieces that featured charms made from original lead Chanel hardware recast and repurposed in white bronze with a 22K gold overlay. Catherine, true to her love of using vintage materials, purchased these Chanel pieces in New York when the iconic fashion house retired them. Now it is new again in luxurious jewelry that is steeped in tradition and fresh at the same time. Catherine Page uses gold, bronze, silver and various gemstones in her jewelry construction to create a truly unique collection that we are proud to carry at Front Door Fashion.

A Family Affair

At Front Door Fashion we have an affinity for brands that create beautiful accessories to complete the outfits we style for our customers.  Three Bishops, a recent jewelry brand discovery for FDF, is owned by three sisters living in Texas and we are delighted to introduce you to them. Melody Bishop, Jennifer Bishop Blumenstock, and Natalie Bishop Martin founded their business in 2007 under their maiden name.  For the buying team at Front Door Fashion, finding Three Bishops was a love-at-first-sight kind of thing. As we researched and learned more, we became even bigger fans. Three Bishops weaves together beauty and meaning in every piece to showcase the individual characteristics of the stone. The three Bishop sisters believe, and we agree, that handcrafted jewelry made with genuine gemstones and metals is a true luxury. Read more below about some of the specific pieces we selected to offer our FDF clients.

It's somewhat surprising that even in 2018, men still dominate top positions of most major brands in the fashion industry.  At Front Door Fashion, a company owned and founded by women, we always enjoy introducing fabulous new brands to our customers, but it's especially exciting when we discover brands that are owned by women and led by women!  Today, we wanted to share a little bit about the beginning of our own company and introduce you to two Dallas apparel companies founded and owned by women who are manufacturing beautiful product in the United States.