Brands Created By Women For Women: Three Bishops

A Family Affair

At Front Door Fashion we have an affinity for brands that create beautiful accessories to complete the outfits we style for our customers.  Three Bishops, a recent jewelry brand discovery for FDF, is owned by three sisters living in Texas and we are delighted to introduce you to them. Melody Bishop, Jennifer Bishop Blumenstock, and Natalie Bishop Martin founded their business in 2007 under their maiden name.  For the buying team at Front Door Fashion, finding Three Bishops was a love-at-first-sight kind of thing. As we researched and learned more, we became even bigger fans. Three Bishops weaves together beauty and meaning in every piece to showcase the individual characteristics of the stone. The three Bishop sisters believe, and we agree, that handcrafted jewelry made with genuine gemstones and metals is a true luxury. Read more below about some of the specific pieces we selected to offer our FDF clients.

Meet The Shaker

The Three Bishops’ shaker necklace, inspired by a Reene Lewis diamond and gold shake pendant  at Barneys that retails well over $14,000, is what first caught our attention because of its uniqueness and old world beauty. Jennifer, who is the designer, makes the shaker by hand using vintage watch crystals and natural gemstones. A handcrafted metal bezel holds the watch crystals together around the stones.  Three Bishops offers shakers in a variety of gemstones and metals. Some shakers have only one kind of gemstone and others feature a mix of gemstones and colors. 

Beauty and Meaning

Beauty and meaning, central to the core of Three Bishops, is exemplified in their hand-crafted pieces. Jennifer casts pieces with delicate leaves and lotuses that are hand carved in wax for each mold and then cast in metal. She finds inspiration from the natural surroundings of White Rock Lake near her home in Dallas.

We’ve acquired several Three Bishop handcrafted items that work beautifully with our current FDF inventory. Ask your FDF Stylist to include a piece of Three Bishops in your next box. She can style outfits that highlight their beauty and yours.

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