The object of cultish adoration, Ecru has been universally hailed as makers of the world's best fitting pants by retailers and consumers nationwide. Every season, Ecru studies the performance of their products with relentless attention to clients' feedback and then they start again in pursuit of perfection. Their main goal when creating each collection is to allow the stylish and discerning women who wear Ecru to move effortlessly from the office to dinner, to the weekend, to a party, to vacation.  Scroll on to learn more about why  you need these pants in your wardrobe and how to style them! [video width="600" height="600" mp4="https://www.frontdoorfashion.com:443/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Facebook_Video_Springfield.mp4"][/video]

It's somewhat surprising that even in 2018, men still dominate top positions of most major brands in the fashion industry.  At Front Door Fashion, a company owned and founded by women, we always enjoy introducing fabulous new brands to our customers, but it's especially exciting when we discover brands that are owned by women and led by women!  Today, we wanted to share a little bit about the beginning of our own company and introduce you to two Dallas apparel companies founded and owned by women who are manufacturing beautiful product in the United States.

With Earth Day and sustainability on our minds, Citizens of Humanity is the perfect brand to highlight for this month's brand spotlight. COH has gone to great lengths to use the most ecologically sustainable technology and practices. It is one of the few denim companies that owns all of their production vertically. This helps not only control the quality of denim but also their sustainability. While it's almost un-American to not to own a pair of denim, most denim is not made in America because it can be produced at a lower cost outside the United States. While many other lower-priced denim companies are moving their production overseas, COH has always remained dedicated to full production in Los Angeles. Citizens produces their sustainable denim by hand which contributes to their loyal following.

Hello - Shirin Askari here! In addition to being a Personal Stylist at Front Door Fashion, I also design a line of contemporary women's wear - ASKARI. We currently carry the line at Front Door Fashion so you may have received some of my new collection in your box! Styling women in my own collection has has been priceless and the response to the line has been wonderful. I recently finished Fall 2014 and in this collection I focused on digital prints, standout colors and easy-to-wear silhouettes.