How to Tuck in Your Shirt Like a Stylist

Let’s face the facts: Whether you’re a seasoned street style aficionado or a just a mom on the go, you’ve probably got a shirt (or two… or twelve…) that just doesn’t look right untucked. Not all blouses are created equal, and some just need a little tuck here and there to reach their full outfit potential. Of course, tucking-in said shirts is much easier said than done. Because as much as we’d all like to think we’re capable of copying our favorite Instagram star’s easy-breezy outfits in an instant, well, we’re just not. So instead of wasting precious getting-ready time in the morning figuring it out, we called on one of our expert fashion stylists, Kate, to round up the four quickest ways to tuck in your top. Now read on, and become a slip-tuck expert in no time.

fdf-full-tuck-21.The Full Tuck

Think this one is a no-brainer? Wrong! When attempting this type of tuck, Kate suggests to begin by putting the top on first, and then slipping bottoms on afterwards to achieve a smoother effect. Use your hands to disperse the top evenly for a super-tight and evenly distributed look. Then, raise your arms above your head as high as you can, so the shirt rises an inch or so from where you initially tucked it. Now, your full tuck should be even, breathable and ready-to-go.

Great for: Blouses fully tucked into pencil skirts worn high at your true waist, blouses fully tucked into high rise dress pants, or a classic white button down into jeans.

2. The Front TuckF

The concept here is a familiar one: business in the front, party in the back. Hah. In all seriousness, this is great for those casual-cool looks in need of just a pinch of polish. “This is the look Jennifer Aniston always rocks, and so many people ask me how to recreate this classic style. Truth is, it’s easy!” Kate says. “For the best look, front tuck the shirt just above the zipper and leave the remaining fabric draping over. I suggest rocking a classic tan leather belt or patterned belt when tucking to accentuate your waist.”

Great for: Chambray button downs, plaid button downs, thin knit sweaters, or a casual V-neck paired with any coordinating bottoms.

3. The Half Tuckhalf tuck, front door fashion

This may be the only time when half the effort equates to double the effect. “This look is super easy to rock,” Kate explains. “All you have to do is just front tuck only one side of a button down shirt to achieve a stylish and unique look.” For best results, go ahead and front tuck your shirt just as described above, but make sure the bottom two or three buttons are unfastened. After you’ve fully tucked the top, loosen one side of the tuck completely from just above the belt to your hip, and adjust accordingly.

Great for: Casual-cool button downs or lengthy T-shirts paired with your favorite jeans or trousers.

4. The Tied Tuckfdf-tied-tuck-2

No longer just a look reserved for waist-cinching styles or teenager-friendly crops, this seemingly casual knot is experiencing an elevated makeover. “To achieve this stylish look, simply keep the last two buttons unfastened,” Kate recommends. “Then, tie the bottom section of the shirt that was left opened into a loose knot or, if you have enough fabric available, a bow. It’s such an easy look, and it’s so cute!”

Great for: Plaid button downs or chambray button downs paired with dark wash jeans or even distressed denim.

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