10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Stylist

Sure, you’re used to telling your stylist all about yourself. But how much do you actually know about her? We’re guessing not much! Take the time to get to know a few of our stylists, and find out all their fun style quirks, they’re funky first jobs and which one scored an extra role in Legally Blonde. Here are just a few fun facts about some of our FDF stylists. 

Erika Fun Fact


  1. Coco Chanel is my favorite fashion designer.
  2.  I have traveled to 43 out of the 50 states.
  3.  If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be Florence Italy.
  4. My favorite pastimes are shopping, traveling, going to dinner with friends and going out to the movies.
  5. I was born and raised in Kansas.
  6. In no particular order I always crave chocolate, pizza, a chilled glass of Sav Blanc from New Zealand and chips & queso.
  7. I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles.
  8. My favorite movie is The Notebook and all my favorite TV series can be found on HBO.
  9. I was a sorority girl in Legally Blonde, met cast of Friends while drinking coffee at Central Perk and wore saddle shoes at Chilton on the set of Gilmore Girls as an extra.
  10. I can’t leave the house without my lipstick.

Kim Fun fact

  1. kimI love to travel! I spent 6 weeks touring Europe last summer, and I’m always planning my next adventure.
  2. I have a rescue dog named Charley.
  3. I’m a big fan of karaoke. I’m not the best, but I don’t let that stop me!
  4. My ultimate style icon is Brigitte Bardot. Her look was the perfect combination of attitude, femininity, edge and sex appeal, yet she still made it look effortless.
  5. I’m a total foodie. Dallas has an amazing restaurant scene, and I’m on an endless quest to try each one!
  6. Vintage jewelry is my weakness; I love anything that makes a statement.
  7. I’m a sucker for a casual outfit with heels or a dressy outfit with slip-on sneakers. Mixing & matching gives my favorite outfits a new life!
  8. I love breakfast for dinner.
  9. My coat collection is ENORMOUS, especially for someone who’s lived in Texas their whole life…
  10. Art museums are my absolute favorite, and I especially love modern art.

Morgan Fun Fact

  1. morganI nicknamed my fiancé after the Fergie song, Glamorous, because he sang it all the time. His nickname is “Flossy.”
  2. I can’t go one day without an iced tea. I’m a true southern girl.
  3. My other creative passion is interior design. I can totally redesign an apartment in one weekend.
  4. I’d rather be at the beach right now.
  5. My significant other and all of my best friends are attorneys. I guess God thought I would need an abundance of legal help throughout my life.
  6. I am very clumsy with my iPhone and have been kicked out of iPhone insurance twice for having to replace it so often.
  7. Given the choice between Dom Pérignon and Crown Royal, I’m going to choose Crown every time. I might chase it with the Dom though.
  8. I’m a terrible singer, and my family makes fun of me endlessly because I’m shameless and sing anyway.
  9. I went to college with JoJo, the Bachelorette! We had fun showing up frat boys at beer pong. #TEAMUNICORN
  10. My first job out of college was selling MasterCard prepaid programs to community banks. Ugh, glad that’s over.
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