Style Tips for the New Mom

Style Tips For A New Mom 

First, a couple of confessions.

1) I have never written a blog post, and I’m definitely out of my comfort zone.

2) As a founder of Front Door Fashion, I am not a stylist. Just like you, I am “the customer.” Andrea and I started this business because we needed a service like this for ourselves. Our stylists have helped me learn to dress my new body from pregnancy to now, and I am so appreciative. The past several months have been a huge learning experience for me while working with a different body than I am used to. It has given me a completely new appreciation for the company we have built and the talent of our stylists.

I had my son, Levi, in December and he has changed my life in countless ways, including what I wear everyday. While I’ve never been completely satisfied with my body, I didn’t necessarily know what it was like to dress with the intent to hide things I wasn’t happy with. I was used to dressing more to accentuate the parts of my body I liked more. Lesson: They sound similar, but there’s a very big difference. Hiding is much harder.

My new criteria for getting dressed in the morning includes:

  1. Outfit must be pumping-friendly.  (If you’re not a mom yet, get ready – I stop what I’m doing every 3 hours to go in a room and hook myself up to a machine. I’m being pretty candid since I know our audience is all women.)
  2. Need to hide my belly.
  3. No silks because babies like to eat your shoulder.
  4. Needs to be comfortable.

Meeting those criteria each morning is tough, but here are some outfits our stylist, Erika, styled me in that can work if you are a new mom who shares the same struggles. (And according to our stylists, many of our customers are pregnant right now so many of you will be soon.)

Nina Mom 1

Work To Play: I feel styled and comfortable in this look. The Show Me Your Mumu Eli Trouser Pants are amazing! They are long so I have a wedge heel on, which helps me feel longer and leaner. A wedge heel is more practical for me, especially when holding Levi. The Michael Stars top is perfect because the shape hides my stomach and the off the shoulder feature makes it easy to pump or breastfeed. The Shira Melody Kelly Necklace is our best selling necklace and creates a statement accessory to pull the look together. Style Tip: A wedge heel worn with wide leg pants can make you feel longer and leaner.

Nina Mom 2

Mother’s Day Brunch: The shape of this Trina Turk Aviva Shift Dress hides my belly and legs, and the pattern is fun and distracts from the body underneath. I’m able to wear a cami underneath so that if I need to sneak-off to feed, I can unzip the back and still feel conservative – with the dress unzipped to feed, it’s like a skirt and top. The pattern in the fabric is also fantastic for concealing any slobber from the little one. Accessories are kept simple here; the Kendra Scott Carey Earrings, Elisa Necklace, and Mia Bracelet add a completed look without going overboard. Style Tip: Shift dresses maintain some shape while still allowing to hide curves you may want to hide.

Nina Mom 3

Out and About: One of our most popular requests from customers is that they want to feel styled and comfortable on the days where you are out running errands. It’s easy to get in the habit of wearing “workout” clothing every weekend. Finding stylish staples with the right accessories is the key. For this look, Erika styled me in easy layers with a statement necklace. The Michael Stars button-up is layered over a black breastfeeding tank. I’m wearing my first-trimester DL1961 maternity jeans in this picture. (It’s okay to admit I’m still wearing those, right?) I’m confident in this outfit since I feel like the fun Zowee necklace draws attention away from my legs. The necklace also gives Levi something fun to play with! Layers automatically add depth to your outfit, and they also serve as a way to hide hips and curves. Style Tip: Use an open button-up shirt to layer over camis to hide curves.

New Moms

Andrea Campbell, Co-Founder, with Grace James born April 14, 2016 and Nina Lowe, Co-Founder, with Levi Richard born December 14, 2015. Happy Mother’s Day!

A special thanks to Reunion Tower for working with us on this photo shoot! The newly renovated GeO-Deck and Observation Deck are definitely worth a visit when in Dallas. For more information, visit www.reuniontower.com.

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