Faux Leather Is Not A Faux Pas

At Front Door Fashion we recognize that every customer has her own preferences when it comes to style, fit, design and fabrication. Some of our customers choose to wear only the four natural fabrics (cotton, linen [from the flax plant], wool, and silk) while others are more than fine with synthetics like rayon, modal, spandex, and nylon. When it comes to leather and suede we have faux and real options for our customers who choose one or the other, or both.

The quality of faux leather has improved vastly in the last several years to the point that it is difficult sometimes to distinguish faux from real. Faux leather used to have a negative stigma until Stella McCartney popularized the term “vegan leather.” Whether you share Stella’s viewpoint as more of a conscious connoisseur, or you appreciate and prefer the quality of ethically sourced leather, we’ve got options for everyone. Scroll on to see two Los Angeles-based brands, My Tribe and ASTARS. Both offer gorgeous faux and real leather clothing that we are using to create one-of-a- kind outfits for our one-of-a-kind customers.

My Tribe

My Tribe was founded in 2005 with its headquarters in the heart of the LA’s Fashion District.  Their handcrafted supple leather jackets and dresses are the ultimate statement piece. We adore their classic approach to tailoring. With streamlined cuts and timeless silhouettes, it’s easy to pair these jackets with your favorite dark washed denim or a classic sheath dress. The superior quality of My Tribe pieces makes them a go-to in your wardrobe year after year.


Vegan leather never looked this good! ASTARS believes in quality vegan leather without sacrificing style. ASTARS  designs and develops their luxurious vegan leather jackets in LA with the modern boheme in mind. Each piece is effortless and well-crafted. We love vegan leather for travel because of the easy care. Pair these looks with denim or even athleisure for the plane this holiday season. We are helping our FDF clients feel and look good in the newest pieces from ASTARS.

Our clients love our real and faux leather options. See what they’re saying about My Tribe and ASTARS on Instagram!

@tscitychic on Instagram styled in My Tribe by FDF

@fsupecas21 on Instagram styled in ASTARS by FDF

Ask your FDF Stylist about including faux or real leather in your next box.

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