Why Buy Cashmere?

It is sweater weather in most of the country (even Dallas!). We love to style all kinds of sweaters from slim turtlenecks to chunky dusters and everything in between, but nothing feels as soft and luxurious as cashmere. It is definitely an investment, but one we believe in because of the quality. If you want to learn more about cashmere and why it is as soft as it is and the factors that drive the cost, read more below! 

Quality & Price

Cashmere comes from a goat, a Kashmir goat, that is native to China and Mongolia. Technically it’s a wool, but it is uniquely thinner, softer and stronger than sheep’s wool. With the softest fibers coming from the neck and underbelly of the goat, the thickness, softness and length of the cashmere fiber determine its quality which in turn determines its price.  The quality cashmere is based off length of fibers, thickness, origin, colors, number of ply, type of fiber, and knit. Higher priced items will be a tighter knit with longer fibers. This insures minimal pilling and durability.  Less expensive options are made with shorter fibers and can be more prone to pilling. 

Why Buy Cashmere?

A quality sweater can last 30+ years if taken care of properly.  Deemed as a luxury item due to its scarcity,  there’s only a small fraction of cashmere produced compared to ordinary wool. Cashmere has fine texture and the softest of all yarns which means it doesn’t itch like wool. It’s lightweight and can still keep you warm. Intensive labor goes into the extraction of the fibers and the production is very difficult. If you are looking for more reasons to buy cashmere….it is resilient and holds its shape, it is three times more insulated than wool, and it maintains body temperature so you won’t overheat. 

Cashmere Brands We Love

This season FDF has purchased cashmere from three brands at three price points. Brands we carry at a luxury price point include Happy Sheep ($319) and Central Park West ($238).  Both of these brands feature novelty details like stripes and multiple colors. For customers looking for more of an entry level price point, we carry solid sweaters by Nova ($128). 

Cashmere is an investment in quality. Give your wardrobe a quality upgrade you will appreciate for years to come! Ask your FDF Stylist about styling a selection of our newest cashmere sweaters in your next box.

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