We’d like you to meet Mary Claire.

This pro stylist is here to bring out the best style in you.

Stylists are at the heart of our business which is why our team is made up of professionals who live to help customers look and feel their very best. Meet pro stylist Mary Claire and discover what makes her one truly amazing stylist.

meet front door fashion stylist mary claire

Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to be a stylist. 

Since I was young, the fashion industry has always inspired and motivated me; it is dynamic and expressive. Styling, on the other hand, is an anomaly because of its selfless nature and that is why I love my job. Being able to fulfill my creative passions while simultaneously influencing others is immensely fulfilling.

How do you help your customers define their own personal style?

I know that I feel my best when I am comfortable, and that is something every woman should feel: comfortable in their own skin. If I know my client has looked at herself in the mirror and recognized a more refined and confident version, I consider that a huge success.

meet front door fashion stylist mary claire

How would you define your own style? 

I am a style Nomad, which is a fitting description because I’ve lived all over the US and have had the privilege of experiencing fashion from a wide variety of regional perspectives. If I feel my best, I feel stylish. I do, however, feel most like myself when I break the texture and pattern mixing mold. I enjoy wearing unique pieces in unique ways and creating my own individual style.

What is the most important piece of style advice you can offer to your customers?

Staying true to your individual style expectations is the priority. It is so easy to get caught up in the “must-have” trends. A “must-have” should never be defined by the industry’s trend forecast, it should always be defined by you and what you feel most confident and comfortable wearing.

meet front door fashion stylist mary claire

To order a box or book a Style Appointment at our Dallas studio with our expert stylist, Mary Claire, click here and request her when you place your order.
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