Yes, You Can Wear White After Labor Day


In the early 1900s, not wearing white after Labor Day was a status symbol among the wealthy. This “rule” revolved around their vacation schedule when white was considered only proper for summer vacation attire. When Labor Day became a national holiday, it marked the end of summer and the end of vacations which meant it was time to pack up white vacation attire in favor of darker workwear clothing. 


Thankfully, this fashion rule has become outdated. It is safe to say that white can be worn at any time of the year! We’ve pulled together 4 examples to showcase how to style white post-Labor Day. 

1. White + Fall Hues

Pairing white with autumnal hues can brighten a fall outfit. Accent solid white clothing with warm rich fall hues such as tobacco browns, army green, and amber. The deep colors pack a punch and prevent solid white clothing, like jeans, blazers, tops, and dresses from feeling too summery.

2. White + Print

Mixing whites with printed items that contain white is an easy way to transition your wardrobe. Find prints that fit the current season and pair them with whites to create a simple, yet sophisticated look. Keep the current season in mind when accessorizing your outfit – for fall, style your look with fall booties and leather belts.

3. White Layers

Layering isn’t only a weapon against the weather, if you get it right it can make an effortless style statement! For many, white blazers are a staple layering piece. They can be worn with everything from jeans to dresses, making them an important wardrobe piece. For a look you can wear year-round, pair your white blazer with other chic neutrals. White and black is simultaneously bold yet understated.

4. Shades of White 

White clothes come in a variety of shades (pure white, ivory, cream, winter white, etc.) that can be mixed together for a cohesive look. While it may seem a little tricky to pull off, there are simple ways to pull off the classic look. If you are not wearing a matching set, stick to two shades of white or go with pieces that all have a warm or cool undertone. Stop your all white outfit from looking too flat by experimenting with different textures and silhouettes. An all white outfit is also perfect for your favorite colored, printed, or metallic accessories.

We hope you agree it’s time to let go of this silly fashion rule and wear white all year long. Besides, aren’t fashion rules made to be broken anyway?

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