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The average American owns seven pairs of denim. And if you are a fashion lover you’re bound to be above that average! Question: is the denim that you own right for you and your body shape? Due to denim dominating much of the retail industry and the plethora of choices it can be overwhelming to select just the right style and fit for your body. While the traditional fit rules can easily pigeonhole you to a single denim style, we believe at Front Door Fashion that you should consider breaking away from tradition and embrace your shape and sense of personal style!

To simplify your life we’re offering fresh suggestions for figure-flattering denim in this spring’s trends. Five body shapes below are illustrated by five celebrities: the ruler (Gwyneth Paltrow), the pear (Beyoncé), the apple (Drew Barrymore), the hourglass (Blake Lively), and the inverted triangle (Charlize Theron). Take these tips as guidelines. And don’t forget to have a little fun when working with your personal stylist, to select your denim updates for spring!

Ultra-Fitted Denim

If you’re straight up and down like Gwyneth Paltrow and want to play up your boyish shape, opt for an ultra-fitted menswear-inspired look. You’ll want to create the illusion of curves with your denim choice. A mid to high rise denim in white will help draw attention to your midsection and create shape. Choose a top with a scoop neck, v-neck, or halter which will accentuate your upper body. Or, be like Gweny and embrace the boyish vibe with a blouse buttoned all the way to the top. Choose a blazer that is either cropped and fitted at the waist or one that hits at your hips to add curves to your athletic figure.

Light Wash

For a pear shape, it is always easiest to stick with the safe, tried and true, dark-wash bootcut denim. While bootcut denim is fine and dandy, let’s shake it up this spring and show off your shape instead of camouflaging it! For a flattering spring look that is totally on trend, take a note from Beyoncé and go with a lighter wash denim in a slimmer fit. The denim we chose for the pear shape this spring is a skinny jean with a mid-rise crop split hem. The hem split in the front will draw the eye down to your cute shoes. To complete the look, wear a printed top or a fitted off-the-shoulder top. Both will draw everyone’s eyes upward (be sure to smile!) and brings the attention to your shoulders which will balance out your figure.

Cropped Skinny

If you’re an apple shape like Drew Barrymore you carry most of your weight through your midsection and bust with your arms and legs typically being smaller. Skinny or straight denim options are your friend and will highlight your legs! For spring we suggest a mid-rise skinny crop style because it will show off your small ankles. You can even roll up your denim like Drew and pair with sandals. Add a looser top that slightly skims over your midsection. And, finally, add bracelets or jewelry to your wrists to show them off and add some shine.

Rise Above

For an hourglass shape like Blake Lively the key to your denim dreams is in the rise. Opt for a style of jeans with a higher rise in the back to cover all your bases. We have chosen a pair of skinnies in a pink pastel shade that is on-trend for spring. With a back rise of 13″ and a front rise 9″ this style of denim offers a mid-rise with extra coverage in the back. They also taper at the waist which is ideal for hourglass and pear shapes. The hourglass girls should pair their denim with a fitted white top that clinches at the waist to flaunt your curves! 

Skinny Boyfriend

With broad shoulders comes good company: Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie, and Jessica Alba all have this body type. Take a note from Charlize and go with a skinny boyfriend denim this spring. The skinny boyfriend will balance out your bottom half while not hiding your shape like a traditional boyfriend jean. Pair them with a black v-neck to show off your neckline and draw the eye towards the center. Fabrics with less structure are great for your top half as you have the natural build to pull them off. We have chosen a less-structured version of a moto jacket, in white for spring, that will drape nicely on your enviable frame.

Jumpstart your spring wardrobe with the perfect pair of figure-flattering jeans. Request a box or Style Appointment here.

Images via Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, INF Daily, Goop, and Denimology

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