We’d like you to meet Kristy.

This pro stylist is here to bring out the best style in you.

Stylists are at the heart of our business which is why our team is made up of professionals who live to help customers look and feel their very best. Meet pro stylist, Kristy and learn what fuels her passion for great style.


Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to be a stylist. 

I’ve always had an eye for fashion and loved experimenting with different trends. Growing up, I attended schools with strict dress codes, so I took every opportunity to have fun with my outfits when I wasn’t in class. My friends and family would often ask my advice for where to shop and to put looks together for them. I loved giving a new perspective on how to wear certain pieces that they may not have thought of before. I graduated college with a degree in Fashion Media from Southern Methodist University and knew that styling was what I wanted to pursue.

How do you help your customers define their own personal style?

Encouraging customers to identify which pieces in their wardrobe make them feel the most confident is key. It may be a bomber jacket, a striped top or a floral kimono that they are most drawn to, and that helps me to pinpoint their personal style.


How would you define your own style? 

I would define my style as trendy, flirty and boho. I love finding unique pieces and styling them with things in my closet I already own to make them new again.

What is the most important piece of style advice you can offer to your customers?

Make minor adjustments to elevate your looks. Cuffing the sleeves of a top, adding a belt or a scarf to a dress or rolling up your jeans can instantly refresh an outfit!


To order a box or book a Style Appointment at our Dallas studio with our expert stylist, Kristy, click here and request her when you place your order.
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