Front Door Fashion Stylist Meet Erika

Stylist Spotlight: Meet Erika

We simply can’t get enough of Erika. She is highly detailed in her styling and treats each client like a life-long friend. Her own personal style spans from classic to boho and a little of everything in between. Request Erika for your next order and you’ll quickly have your own stylist BFF.

Front Door Fashion Stylist Meet Erika

Q: What inspires you when it comes to styling an outfit for a customer?

A: I get inspired by my customers Pinterest page!  I really study what my customer is pinning and try to give them mileage on how they can style and wear the looks they love.  I provide style tips on how to wear the looks head-to-toe so there is no guess work!

Q: What is your favorite “trick of the trade”?

A: Communication!  Emailing or talking on the phone with my clients before I style their box is absolutely KEY!  It takes all the guess work out of the styling process.  Every client is unique in what their expectations are of our service, and I want to ensure I know exactly what they are looking for. It is helpful to get an idea of what they already have in their closet and what they are looking to add to their wardrobe. By getting to know each of my clients I am able to satisfy their styling needs.

Q: What is one of your favorite customer experiences?

A: My favorite customer experience to date, was a cute mom blogger who is an avid shopper and blogger of box services. She told me that she has done A LOT of subscribing and by far had never been more impressed than with the box I styled for her. That really made my day!

 Front Door Fashion Stylist Meet Erika

Q: What is the most challenging part of styling a box of outfits?

A: For me the most challenging part is narrowing down the amount of outfits to send.  I usually get really inspired and start pulling tons of looks (way more than 3-6)! That’s why I LOVE style sessions, there is no box limit!  I would highly suggest coming in for a style session at the FDF headquarters if you are in the Dallas area.

 Q: If you were taking a trip to Paris and could only take one accessory, what would it be?

A: My wedding ring, of course.  But if I could bring one additional item, I would take a gold statement necklace.  I can pretty much accessorize any outfit with a statement necklace!

Q: What is the one article of clothing that everyone should have in their closet?

A: A good pair of black leggings! During the fall, you will typically find me wearing a dress, tunic top, or an oversized sweater paired with my tall riding boots and leggings! But don’t stop with just black… burgundy, olive, brown and navy leggings are all great ways to add a POP of color to any fall outfit!

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