Closet Essentials

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to reevaluate what closet essentials you’re missing or need a refresh, so we asked some of our expert stylists to share their must-have closet items.

Leather Jacket

“The leather jacket is a sleek silhouette that adds an edgy statement to both casual chic and evening looks. It’s a guaranteed timeless style that withstands the changes in fashion’s ever-evolving trends.”

Black Blazer

“A black blazer is a closet essential because it can be dressed for any season, any occasion, & unlimited ways! It keeps your closet versatile and gives it longevity.”

Dark Wash Denim

“Dark denim is bit more elevated than lighter washes and can be worn all year round! It’s an easy way to create a chic, classic look for any occasion.”

Black Trousers

“Black trousers are an essential because they can match any blouse you already have for endless outfit combos when you’re in a pinch, adding an instant touch of professionalism and sophistication to your look.”

Layering Tops

“Layering tee/tanks are a closet essential because they allow your outfits to become more adaptable and keeps you comfortable no matter what you’re doing!”

White Button Down

“The white button down shirt is the solution to completing any outfit. From denim to dress shorts, jeans and trousers, and especially that skirt that you love but have nothing to go with – this essential item is the answer. It has been a necessity in a woman’s closet since the 1940s and isn’t going anywhere making it the ultimate wardrobe staple!”

Light Cardigan

“A light cardigan can be worn all season long and is great for transitioning dresses and tops from summer to fall and early spring.”

Denim Jacket

“The perfect transitional closet essential – whether it’s chilly outside, chilly only at night, or the AC inside is just TOO cold for comfort, a denim jacket will be your lifesaver. It can break up & add a little edge to your look if you’re wearing a dress, leggings, or pair of trousers. Who says you only need to wear denim on the bottom?”

Little Black Dress

“The Little Black Dress is a timeless staple to have in your closet. Style it for work or cocktails, it’s a transitional and foundational piece to make it easy to layer and accessorize for any occasion. It will bring you comfort & confidence!”

Black Pencil Skirt

“A black pencil skirt is a great wardrobe essential because it is the perfect piece to transition from work to night-out!”

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