Brands to Step-up Your Summer Style

It can be easy to get stuck in a style rut. Wearing the same tried and true brands is an easy fix when it’s hot out and brain functionality is compromised.  And who has time to discover new brands anyways?  Not to fear, FDF is here for you! FDF Personal Wardrobe Stylists and the FDF Buying Team are always on the hunt for the next newest brands for our clients. For your edification and enjoyment we’ve created a comparison of FDF cult classic brands to some of our newest FDF brands to pique your interest as you glide into June.

Nicole Miller & Black Halo: Tailored Dresses

Nicole Miller was founded in 1992 and she’s known for her fitted dresses and skirts. This spring and summer she has chosen a brighter color palette but kept the silhouette classic. With a striking tailored look, Nicole Miller is an FDF staple for special events and the office.

If you love Nicole Miller and have yet to consider Black Halo, we invite you to consider it. This spring’s florals are very prevalent in our recent shipment of Black Halo and they are perfect for any party or special occasion. In addition, we always have a good supply of  Black Halo’s tailored dresses in solids that can transition from day to evening easily.

Bailey 44 & Drew: Street Style Chic

Founded in 2006, Bailey 44 is a global fashion brand that celebrates the modern woman’s real life. Bailey 44 creates pieces that are stylish for the accomplished woman who will find herself feeling unstoppable when wearing them!  With tailored cuts and trendy accents Bailey 44 is a go-to for your everyday style.

If you are a fan of Bailey 44, try on Drew for the first time. Drew Clothing is a New York City based contemporary clothing line boasting on-trend, urban chic fashion. Striking patterns are just a few of the must-haves that this collection has to offer. Drew offers a little brighter colors and patterns in their latest collection, perfect for your day to day look this summer!

Joie & Conditions Apply: Bohemian Beauties

Joie is feminine and effortless clothing for a busy and contemporary lifestyle. Versatile, easy and refined, Joie embodies a carefree beauty that takes you seamlessly from Monday through the weekend. Joie’s bohemian and lightweight tops and dresses are in ready supply at FDF because the clients who receive them in a box tend to love and keep them.

If you love the bohemian look with a little artistic edge, try Conditions Apply. New to FDF, Conditions Apply is artisan made and respectfully traded. Their unique tops pair beautifully back to white and are the perfect option to stand out in the crowd this summer!

Vince Camuto & 1.STATE: Casual Statements

Vince Camuto offers modern styles for the woman on the go seeking a more casual look!  Vince Camuto offers tops, dresses and jackets that are the perfect statement piece for your FDF outfit.

If you are a fan of Vince Camuto’s styles and pricing,  we suggest you check out 1.STATE. This fantastic brand offers designs that are both clean and architectural, marrying feminine allure with modern strength. Our collection of  1.STATE tops can easily take you from day to night with just a change of shoe!

Want to try out any of these brands? Ask your FDF Personal Wardrobe Stylist to create a custom box here.

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