5 Reasons Everyone Needs A Stylist In 2019

Your personal style is an instant form of communication. Your style conveys who you are and how you want to be perceived! It can help you get that promotion, garner attention, earn respect, and help you feel more confident in your appearance and how you see yourself in the world. Whether you’re looking to change up your look or score that promotion, Investing in a personal stylist is an investment in yourself.

At Front Door Fashion our Personal Wardrobe Stylists are professionals in their own right with training on proportion, fit, fabrics, garment construction, and trends. They also have a natural eye for style and a desire to help their clients discover items and looks that make them shine. They are here to help you streamline your wardrobe and create full outfits based on your preferences. Your FDF Stylist will ask you questions like, “What does your personal style mean to you?What defines your style? Is your style more bohemian or classic, yet casual?  Are you wanting to invest in quality pieces this year?”

Your FDF Stylist is here to create convenience in your life! Scroll on to see five reasons why you need an FDF stylist in 2019, and give yourself the advantage of working with a professional stylist in the new year! New Year = New You!

The Cliffnotes Edition:

1. She Will Introduce You to New Styles: 

Your FDF Stylist will help you keep an open mind and explore your own style as you build your wardrobe. She’ll help you see key pieces that you’re missing and push you to try new things.


2. It’s Convenient:

There is nothing quite as convenient as having exactly what you are looking for show up on your front doorstep each month. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the extra free time.


3. You’re Bringing in an Expert:

FDF Stylists are experts in their field with styling experience that will knock your socks off. They’ve got your style needs covered.


4. She’s Here to Make you Feel Like a Million Bucks:

A FDF Stylist is someone who wants to work alongside you to perfect the style you are hoping to capture, and if you don’t quite know your personal style, she’s here to help with that too! She wants you to look and feel the very best!


5. The Personal Relationship:

Think of your FDF Stylist as your fashion friend. She is there for you through it all. From the day to day “I don’t know what to wear” panic that we all experience from time to time, to outfit planning for an upcoming event, your stylist is available to you.


Are you ready for the new you? Request a box to start working with an FDF Stylist today!

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