Price-Match Requests

Our Price-Matching Policy

Front Door Fashion does not advertise price-matching since we are a styling service and not an online retailer. It is important for our customers to understand our purpose, which is to help women style themselves and save time from shopping by providing completely styled outfits. The value of our service is not determined by the price of each piece in the box, but rather by the service provided to our customers at no charge. A price-match request may be approved dependent on the sell-rate and season of the item. Previously purchased items do not qualify for price-matching.

To submit an item for a price-match request:

  1. Include a screenshot of the item in our cart online, including any shipping costs.
  2. Include your order number or the email associated with your account, so we can locate your order information.
  3. The item must be the exact style, size, and color to be approved.
  4. Price-match requests should be sent to pricematchrequest@frontdoorfashion.com.

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