New Year New You: 4 Easy Ways to Look Stylish in 2021

As a stylist, I have come to understand that it really is all in the details. There are a few tips and tricks which can instantly elevate your everyday outfits. A basic tee and jeans, for example, can easily transform into an effortlessly chic look with a few simple styling touches that have major impact! If you’ve resolved to improve your personal style in the new year, keep scrolling for 4 easy ways to look stylish in 2021.

Tip 1- Swap for Sneakers

I will make any excuse to throw on my favorite sneakers! Sneakers add that Jennifer Aniston cool-girl vibe to your look. I love seeing sneakers styled with an unexpected outfit. For example, a midi dress and moto jacket with sneakers is the ultimate juxtaposition! I also love a slim ankle pant and a cozy sweater look for a chic daytime look. Even if it feels odd to do at first, I promise you are going to look fabulous and feel great! 

Tip 2 – Add a Scarf

If you’re looking for an unexpected way to add a touch of sophistication and graphic interest to your outfit this year, look no further than a silk scarf.  Silk scarves are versatile and can be styled around your ponytail, on your purse, or even wrapped around your wrist as a bracelet; it’s so simple and effective! Not only will you make a fashion-forward statement, your girlfriends are sure to be impressed! 

Tip 3 – Tuck & Knot

When I create style notes for my clients, the most common styling tip I use is to front tuck your relaxed shirts and sweaters into your jeans. I cannot tell you the world of difference this makes! It creates a flattering and slimming shape. If the front tuck isn’t your style, try adding a knot! Whether it’s your favorite chambray shirt or a crew neck tee, a small knot around the hem will create the appearance of a smaller waist. It also adds visual interest to any outfit and looks really stylish!

Tip 4 – Throw on a Belt

Belts are always a key player in the styling game! It can add a cool pop of color, exciting texture, or can even just to flatter your figure. Whenever you are front tucking your shirts (wink face), try throwing on a fun statement belt to add a new element of interest to your look! Belts are also fantastic to wrap around or lay under blazers for an updated office look. One of my favorite outfits is a chic statement belt with a midi skirt, tee shirt, and structured blazer. Fabulous!

Looking for more styling tips like these? I would love to help! You can request me as your stylist here.

Check out the blog all month long for more style resolutions. Follow along to up your style game in the New Year!

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